Present: Caroline + Carole + Gos + Me

First project planning meeting. I shared my plans for the first project - looking at the usability of the InterMine Cloud Wizard, and talked about plans to assess its usability. Turns out I was thinking too big, and I need to think of much smaller chunks, and stop thinking so much like a software engineer - more theory, less implementation focus.

Some possible chunks:

  • Reviewing usability of other bioinformatics tools (Possible: Galaxy, InterMine, Molgenis, Biothings)
  • uxls toolkit applied in practice
    • work with users who know intermine
    • also users who do not.

Things to think about & learn:

  • What is good wizardry practice?
  • Work with E regarding literature.

Interesting / relevant conferences:

And always think - “so what?”.

Expanding into a longer set of thoughts:

  • Why did you do x? Define questions more clearly.
  • Why does it matter?
  • How can we measure it?
  • What knowledge do I gain that others can re-use?