Carole suggested that ontology design is similar to mental models. So far I think I’m looking in the wrong places though. These are all about technical design considerations, not how to get them and understand them.

  • Obitko, M., Snásel, V., & Smid, J. (2004). Ontology Design with Formal Concept Analysis. ResearchGate. Retrieved from
    • Why not useful? Mostly about methods to structure ontologies, less about eliciting them.
  • Nebot, V., Berlanga, R., Pérez, J. M., Aramburu, M. J., & Pedersen, T. B. (2009). Multidimensional Integrated Ontologies: A Framework for Designing Semantic Data Warehouses. SpringerLink, 1–36. doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-03098-7_1
    • Why not useful? Very technical re datastorage, semantics, etc.
  • Designing and Evaluating Generic Ontologies. (1996). Retrieved from
    • No human factors, again.

I think this is still a relevant places to explore, but maybe I need different search terms. “Eliciting” might be good.