Based on Open Leaders & conveniently timed to coincide with the OLX announcement.

Basic structure:

  1. Course spanning N weeks, aiming at getting open source projects at a higher, more reproducible standard. What is N? Base on content for curriculum.
    • “cohort” interactive calls w/ all? USA + Europe cohort? No, ideally only one for starters - 5pm UK time so USA and euro can attend?
    • One-on-one mentors for participants. Alternate cohort calls with mentors calls, like OL3/4/5/6/7
  2. Longitudinal study. Observe projects before, after, 6 and 12 months after?
    • observations: need to look up current accepted measurement techniques for A) science software projects and B) open source projects.
    • Surveys: self-reporting project health & medium-term predictions / roadmap
    • GitHub / GitLab API to compare self-reported metrics and potentially to continue measuring even if dropoff (is this ethical? The info is public)



  • speakers at cohort calls
  • mentors
  • cohort call hosts
  • curriculum designers / reviewers

Collaborators / sponsors

  • Might any journals be interested in this? Could champion as part of the open source toolkit on PLOS?
  • Encourage participants to publish in JOSS
  • Can Mozilla offer any support?
  • Apply to OBF as a member organisation / consider

Video conferences / cohort calls

  • Where does the Zoom come from (needs to be Zoom specifically; this allows good breakout rooms)

Topics to cover (to be added to, preliminary)

  • Basics of an open source project - readme, roadmap
  • Basics of git? Assess if needed
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • what makes scientific software good and reproducible?
    • definitely guest speakers for this
  • possibly also writing and reviewing scientific abstracts. Aim for BOSC or GCC-ready submissions? Other conferences?