Some updates:

  • Ethics: I eventually got ethical approval for my mental models study during GCC 2019 (early July) but it appears that the ethical review system is somewhat faulty - submissions could appear to be finalised with nothing else to do on my end, but still show as pending submission on the other end. The only way to make it pop through was to unsubmit and resubmit for signatures. Lesson learned: always verify with the ethics approvers that they have the application in the correct status, and don’t assume they’re reviewing it or that anything worked as expected. :(
  • Interviews: - three interviews done, heavily recruiting now that I’m back from BOSC 2019. I couldn’t do any interviews at BOSC as it’s in Switzerland and would be considered unethical to do research outside the EU.
  • Mozilla Open Leaders X - currently in talks with Berenice and Malvika about applying for this. Some of the OBF are aware of our intents, but we should raise it at a formal board meeting.