Mental models study

Not done 😶 - still on the hunt for two more bio participants, but wondering if I should just give up. 😭 I have 22 people in total.

Transcribing is a special hell. I think I’ve said that before? Sigh. Anyway, getting it done bit by bit.

More of a fun update - Open Life Science and the sustainability of open projects over time.

I’ve been ramping this up a lot - mostly because the timeline of launching OLS in January required it. Applicants are selected and have been notified, mentors are (mostly) assigned.

Small achievements:

  • Emmy Tsang, Mateusz Kuzak, and I have a talk accepted at CHAOSScon 🎉
  • Unsurprisingly following on from the last thing, I’ll be at SustainOSS, CHAOSScon, and FOSDEM at the end of Jan / start of Feb. Yay! (Also: In Brussels on BrexitDay. 😬)
  • I’ve been reading the CHAOSS guidelines. The first 70 pages are amazing and I’ve made lots of notes. I’m not sure the last few are really measurable or useful for me. Another blog post about thoughts coming up.