I daydreamed of it around this time last year, sitting at Elsa’s wishing I had time to participate in Mozilla OLX. I eventually did, with my co-authored OLX application being successful and becoming Open Life Science, aka OLS. OLS-2 applications are open for a few short days, closing on the 30th of June.

I’ve finally gotten the details written up and the ethics through to run surveys and github metrics on OLS-1, no matter how hilarious late it is - still relevant once I figured out how to structure the study to be non-time-critical (originally had planned to study the effects of the intervention - tricky, with so many factors - and instead pivoted to study metrics of projects over a year.)

Small clap. Tomorrow’s my birthday. I launched a study for my birthday!

Here’s the linky: https://sustainable-open-science-and-software.github.io/