Bioinformatics Meets User-Centred Design: A Perspective Katrina Pavelin, Jennifer A. Cham, Paula de Matos, Cath Brooksbank, Graham Cameron, Christoph Steinbeck

BLU, etc. etc. I liked this bit:

“There is also a lack of incentive: it is the novelty of the tool that gets the paper published, not the UCD work associated with it. Moreover, once the paper has been published, there may be less motivation to improve the tool”

Discusses an EBI redesign focusing on users and how successful it ended up being (very).

Overall it generally makes a strong case for why usability is important, and suggests training people in ux who already have domain knowledge in software development and/or bioinformatics.

#Good for Presenting a backing case in the intro of a paper with regards to why usability needs more focus.