UPDATE, September 2019: I’m now hunting primarily for wet lab backgrounds or anyone with computational background but less than ten years experience in a biological domain!

I’m conducting a study to see whether people from biological/wet-lab backgrounds vs more computational backgrounds tend to envision biological data structures differently. This involves in-person recorded interviews (30-60 minutes) so participants must be in the UK, although I am able to travel to meet you, so long as it’s within a day trip from Cambridge (or several interviews at once at your institute). Weekends and evenings are fine for me too if that works for you.

How you can help:

  • Sign up to do an interview: email Yo Yehudi at yochannah.yehudi@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk for more info, or DM me on twitter if I follow you. I’m @yoyehudi.
  • Share this poster (docx) (Also available in pdf) in your research institute, via email and/or noticeboards.
  • Share word with others via Twitter. You can retweet this tweet.

I want to know more!

The best way to learn more is to sign up to participate or to watch my twitter account; I’ll release a preprint as soon as I reasonably feel I can, and I aim to do this by the end of the year. You can also read more about the study in the participant information sheet - apologies if it’s a bit dry!

Where / when?

I’m based at Cambridge, so anywhere that’s a day trip or less I can come to easily - or you’re welcome to come to me in Cambridge if you’re nearby. I also have the following dates at specific sites planned (newer is on top).

  • Sept 20 2019: e-Research Centre, Oxford. Sign up here to participate
  • August 28 2019: EBI, Hinxton [sign up now closed, thank you everyone who participated!]
  • August 21 2019: Earlham Institute, Norfolk [sign up now closed, thank you everyone who participated!]