I’m still looking for a few final participants for my mental models study. To recap on the previous recruitment notice, I’m running a study to learn about what differences there are (if any) between the way biologists think about biological data compared to programmers.

I’ve already interviewed quite a few software developers and bioinformaticians - now I’m looking for pure wet lab biologists with little or no programming experience, in the Cambridge area. (Sorry programmers! I love you but I have enough interviews from you already ❤️).

Interested in participating? A typical interview takes 30-60 minutes, and I can come to your site to interview you - all we need is a quiet-ish area to sit with a table.

How you can help:

  • Sign up to do an interview:
  • Share [this poster (pdf] in your research institute, via email and/or noticeboards.
  • Share word with others via Twitter.

I want to know more!

The best way to learn more is to sign up to participate or to watch my twitter account; I’ll release a preprint as soon as I reasonably feel I can, and I aim to do this by the end of the year. You can also read more about the study in the participant information sheet - apologies if it’s a bit dry!

Where / when?

I’m based at Cambridge, and right now I’m specifically looking for destinations in Cambridge where I can visit and perform 1-2 interviews onsite - wet lab participants only!